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Transforming SPM at the IBM Sales Performance Management Summit London

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Every day, I have the privilege of working with many businesses across Europe. Most of these people have either started or are considering a change around the compensation/reward processes and tools. These organizations are looking to understand the benefit and return on investment that can be seen through automating the process. Factors such as revenue increase, cost reduction of better employee engagement are all discussed and referenced. During these discussions people often ask “How do other organizations manage this process? What are the benefits they have seen? Can I speak with them?” – all logical questions.

On the 23rd of May at 8 Fenchurch Place in London, IBM will be hosting the 2019 IBM Sales Performance Management Summit London where these questions and more will be answered. This event has been assembled to provide the compensation experts, sales directors, operations directors and many other areas of the business who are impacted by this process, the chance to learn and share, and perhaps most importantly answer some of these questions.

To compliment this, we will be joined by some of our partners including Willis Towers Watson, Open Symmetry, Lanshore and Incube, who will be providing guidance and thought leadership on the changes in the compensation domain. This includes how to maintain a performance management culture in an increasingly regulated world. Alongside this our partner community will be demonstrating how complimentary technology such as Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) or Planning Analytics can further enhance the business case and reduce the reliance upon manual intervention.

We also will have valued IBM clients presenting their stories and highlighting the reasons why they chose to automate, and the benefits they have seen from implementing.

Finally, throughout the day, IBM will be demonstrating the SPM application and showing the enhancements that we are bringing to the market including new features around gamification and showing a demonstration of Ask Watson.

If you have challenges in this area, or you are considering a review of the current process and technology, or a company who has a long-standing application and you are looking to see what can help drive additional return from the technology, please come and join us on what promises to be a great opportunity to share.

For more information on the agenda and to register for this complementary event please click here.

2019 IBM Sales Performance Management Summit London
23 May 2019
9:00 AM
Fenchurch Street
8 Fenchurch Pl

European Leader, IBM Incentive Compensation Management

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