Top banking and financial markets blogs in 2018

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It is that time of year when we do an annual review of the blogs our readers viewed the most on our Insights on Banking blog. Looking at the top five blog entries of 2018, we see that using technology to meet the ever-increasing scale and rate of regulatory change is top of mind for financial service organizations.

As Marc Andrew’s notes in his blog, Demystifying AI for risk and compliance, in 2018, we saw AI tackle exhausting regulatory requirements. AI’s application of an iterative, learning process allows it to adapt to vast amounts of inputs and perform tasks more efficiently and, often automatically—thereby freeing up the time of many compliance and risk departments, and transforming the way they do business.

Blockchain is another technology area that is helping banks and large financial institutions in regard to regulatory change. Processes for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance, in particular, are costly and time-consuming with the added, and significant, concern of the extraordinary fines for non-compliance today. In Michael Curry’s blog, Blockchain for KYC: Game-changing RegTech innovation, he discusses how IBM is driving innovation in blockchain and regtech, working with leading banks around the world on models for KYC sharing on blockchain. The enhanced customer experience and cost savings offered by blockchain for KYC are significant and the transparency of blockchain technology empowers governance, risk and compliance across an organization.

The PSD2 regulation in Europe, which covers payment initiation and account access, is driving banks to move from closed to open banking. In his blog, Open banking: The new face of digital transformation, Manu Karnam provides a summary and video of Tom Eck’s Think 2018 session on what exactly is “open banking,” and how it has become the “new face of digital transformation.” Tom Eck is IBM CTO of Industry Platforms, and in his blog Capitalizing on Open Banking as a catalyst for digital transformation, he explains that by adapting to the new open banking world, financial institutions have the opportunity to open up legacy systems and harness APIs to deliver better services to customers and lift profits.

As banks move toward the new open banking paradigm, both as providers of business services and as consumers, it will be increasingly important to have standardized APIs to avoid massive integration challenges. In the blog How banks use bank-as-a-platform to modernize apps with cloud, Chae An makes the case that, for banks to compete, they must modernize their business applications with cloud to be more agile while reducing cost.

As you can see from the top five blogs of 2018, regulations are driving the need for technology innovation, which is leading to application modernization, and ultimately cost savings and increased profits.

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