IBM FinTech at SIFMA Conference

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Some important financial technologies are changing the way the world is doing business and that change is now reaching the securities industry. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and robotics, these technologies are beginning to transform the securities industry and are offering up some big questions involving their implementation. At the SIFMA Fintech Conference this week these powerful technologies will be on display in the Big Apple. Innovators and industry leaders across the marketplace will discuss the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning and how they are being used to give security firms new insights from risk management to compliance. Another technology in discussion will be the ever prevailing blockchain technologies. You’ll hear from experts how blockchain projects are moving closer to production and their expected impact on the industry. It won’t be all glitz and glamour in New York because with these commanding technologies also comes great responsibility. At SIFMA, strong discussion and thought will be given to what oversight needs to be in place and how do the existing regulatory frameworks accommodate for these transformative technologies. Below are just a few of the sessions surrounding IBM Banking and Financial technologies you won’t want to miss at SIFMA 2018.

IBM keynote

Join AI keynote speaker, Rob High, IBM Fellow, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for IBM Watson, for his keynote address, From Insight to Inspiration; The evolving role of AI in our lives. This presentation will outline the evolutionary pressures that are driving further advances in AI technology, and more importantly, the evolving role of AI in our lives. This will be a great opportunity to hear how AI augments and extends human intelligence not just replaces it. This session will take place Thursday, June 21 from 9:15 to 9:35am.

IBM sessions

Another great session, this one surrounding blockchain, will be hosted by Saket Sinha, IBM Vice President & Partner, Global Banking & Financial Markets for the Blockchain Consortium Governance and Operating Model session. This session will be discussing how blockchain technology has moved from pilot/proof-of-concept phase to real use cases. You’ll hear how IBM is working with clients in financial services across the global to build their Blockchain. Saket will explain how businesses are investing in the technology to unlock the exponential potential of blockchain to transform their businesses. This session will also be a great opportunity to hear how early adopters have benefited by increasing their commercial efficiency, operational transparency, regulatory rigor and reducing fraud, delays, and paperwork. This session will take place Wednesday, June 20 from 12:00 to 1:00pm.

Judith Pinto, Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group will host the Transform Your Risk and Compliance Programs with Cognitive Solutions and RegTech session. This session will look at how RegTech is transforming the way compliance departments operate, allowing smaller teams to focus on higher-value activities. You’ll also hear how RegTech is shifting compliance departments from traditional information gatherers to information analyzers, enabled by augmented decision-making made possible through cognitive technologies. She will explain how financial institutions can apply cognitive capabilities to meet ever-changing regulatory expectations and radically reduce costs. This session will take place Thursday, June 21 from 8:00 to 8:45am.

IBM panelists

There will also be many great panel discussions at SIFMA 2018. On Wednesday, Brian Lincoln, Wealth Management Solutions Lead at IBM, will be a panelist on the FinTech and the Future of the Securities Industry session. The panel will be discussing what will the continuing adoption of fintech and future advances in analytics and technology mean for the securities industry? How will the role of securities firms evolve and how will it affect the workforce of the future? Then on Thursday, Rob Stanich, Offering Manager for Financial Markets and IBM Banking will be a panelist on the AI and Machine Learning session. The panel will be discussing the big-picture opportunities that artificial intelligence technology presents. Participants will view demos of examples of real-world application and hear how market participants are operationalizing AI at their firms.

We are excited to see you all this week at SIFMA 2018. For more information about IBM technologies and how they are transforming the securities industry visit our Banking and Financial Markets industry page. To get the full schedule for the two day SIFMA 2018 Conference please visit their website.

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