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Re-think risk and compliance at IBM RegTech Europe

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As we enter a new year, uncertainty in the risk and compliance landscape is as evident as ever. The amount of regulations and pace of change continues to be overwhelming. To proactively respond to this uncertainty, financial institutions assume that the only way for their organization’s to reduce risk and improve compliance is to spend more.

Join us the afternoon of 6 February in London to listen to and meet industry experts giving their insight on how FinTech can not only shape but revolutionize regulatory compliance. With IBM and Promontory Financial Group hosting, senior executives from organizations such as HSBC and Union Invest share their unique vision for RegTech for end-to-end risk and compliance across the enterprise, while dispelling commonly believed myths about the industry and the technology that surrounds it.

There is no charge for this event, but seating is limited and restricted to qualified attendees.

A networking reception will follow afterwards.

Topics that will be discussed are:

  • How will FinTech innovation shape the compliance and risk management landscape for regulated firms?
  • GDPR and data privacy: Navigating new regulatory mandates to preserve and leverage the value of your data
  • Watson Financial Services end-to-end solutions for RegTech
  • Embracing new technologies to meet regulatory challenges

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6 February, 2018

IET Savoy Place
2 Savoy Pl
London WC2R 0BL

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