Putting smart to work in financial services: IBM at Money20/20

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The war for talent.
Regulatory uncertainty.
Keeping my customers, my customers.

These are some of the concerns that I hear leaders in the financial services industry repeatedly share in my travels and I am sure will be recurring themes at this year’s largest conference in banking and financial services, Money20/20, from October 21-24. Every year, Money20/20 is one of my favorite conferences because I get to hear firsthand how leaders are reinventing financial services and are making fundamental shifts in technology, processes, people–and ultimately their own markets–to deliver better customer experiences, build skilled workforces, and solve industry-wide challenges. Even better–I get to collaborate with them on building some pretty amazing experiences and solutions that are changing the future of money and the way it moves across the world.

As a leader in the financial services industry and at the forefront of payments, mobile, commerce and financial technology, IBM will convene a terrific team of financial services experts and partners for a variety of activities at this year’s Money20/20 conference. Below are a few ways you can learn about some of the innovative new solutions we’re working on and engage with IBM at the event.

Wake up with the CEOs

I am truly excited to host what was one of our most popular, insightful, and enjoyable activities at Money20/20 last year–“Wake up with the CEOs.” From October 22-24 (Monday-Wednesday) I will host a panel of four high-profile CEOs every morning from 9:00 to 10:00 AM to share what keeps them up at night. They will discuss, debate and predict the future of money, banking, and staying on top. Grab a second cup of coffee and join me and these early morning CEOs below.

Speaking sessions at Money20/20

I also encourage you to hear from some IBM executives on how digital economy is driving new opportunities and regulations in the financial services industry.

On Sunday from 10:00 to 10:30 AM, Chris Sidler, Managing Director at Promontory Financial Group will be discussing the emergence of RegTech and the future of regulatory compliance in the Future Forum at Bellini Ballroom, Level 2.

On Tuesday, IBM’s Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord is participating is participating in two sessions. The first session, Marketers Making Their Mark, will take place at the CMO Power Lunch at 12:00 noon in Leadership Loft at Upper Lobby, Level 2. His second session is part of the Digital Marketing & CX Track: How Emerging Tech Can Drive World-Class Customer Experiences from 2:40 to 3:10 PM in Wavemakers at Lido Ballroom, Level 3.

Boardroom sessions at Money20/20

The IBM team will also present on a variety of topics ranging from AI to the future of payments to the current trends in financial services. These small group sessions allow for quality time with some of our best experts in financial services. Plan ahead and register for each session of interest below before they fill up!

  • Creating a Compelling AI powered Omni-channel Customer Experience
  • Building Blocks for a Fintech world: A hands-on workshop of functionality and APIs
  • Using Payment Innovation to Change the Way Money Moves
  • Transformation in Cross-border Payments with Blockchain
  • The Future of Payment Fraud Prevention
  • Data Transfer and Visibility Trends in Financial Services
  • Digital Trust in Financial Services
  • Four Pillars for a Successful Digital Transformation
  • How will the payments industry survive a major cyber attack?
  • Payment Modernization: Instant. Secure. Global.

IBM Reception at Yardbird

I’d also love to see you at the IBM reception on Tuesday starting 5:30 PM at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. This will be a great chance to network and wind down after a long couple of days at Money20/20. No registration is required for this event.

IBM at Money 20/20

If you like what you see and hear from IBM at Money 20/20 and want to share your thoughts or learn more, you can schedule a meeting with one of our financial services experts via the IBM at Money20/20 site.

I hope you enjoy the event and experience as much as I always do. I’ll leave you with 3 quick pieces of advice:

  • Ask yourself the strategic questions–how will your company differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive environment and what steps do you need to take to move quickly?
  • Connect on LinkedIn with at least 5 new people who truly inspired you at the event
  • Wear your walking shoes, stay hydrated, and pace yourself–you have a lot of great networking ahead


Stay tuned for more blogs on Money20/20!

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General Manager for IBM Financial Services Market

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