Making financial services more secure at IBM Think 2019

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Security. What does it mean to you?

Feeling safe.

Protected from threats.

Guarded from attacks.


To those working in the financial services industry, security is at the core of their business. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning might help protect business assets, but it is also making it easier for the bad guys to find holes in the security. Modernizing infrastructure and applications opens additional risks. Working with fintechs is opening banking opportunities, but are compliance and regulatory mandates being met?

Security is a big theme at IBM Think this year. And financial services leaders will find many sessions to address these security concerns at the conference.  Here are some hand-picked sessions I recommend below.

No-password policy

Passwords are a challenge for everyone involved. They are necessary to ensure the correct people have access to sensitive data, but there are so many passwords for a person to remember that often people get sloppy by choosing obvious passwords or by writing them down. This is a security risk that can be eliminated with IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM).

Attend session 2375A to learn how Garanti Bank implemented a new banking application (currently used by 15,000 Garanti employees) with ISAM and offered a no-password policy. Attend session 3261A  to see how BBVA Continental was able to put new web solutions into production in an agile and secure way using ISAM. Authentication and authorization are applied quickly, efficiently and safely.

Continuous Compliance

Attend session 6653 to learn how Morgan Stanley keeps up with ever-shifting compliance requirements and regulator one-upmanship facing the financial services industry. See how the new IBM managed service simplifies the path to continuous compliance with an industry-standard framework monitored by our experts and Watson technology.

Responding to threats

What response is the right response if there is an attack? Attend session 1759 to hear IBM and TD Bank discuss their jointly developed cyber security incident response solution for the financial services industry. The session will share the key capabilities that a financial services company must have to respond to a cyber security incident, including people, process and technology. Learn how financial services companies can utilize technology such as AI and machine learning as part of a cyber security incident response plan.

Fighting cyber threats

Perhaps one of the most exciting sessions taking place at Think this year is session 5303A, Top Ten Lessons Learned from IBM Cyber Range. The X-Force Command Center is located in Cambridge MA and prepares clients to respond to a cyber incident with a full business response. At Think 2019, the security team behind the IBM Cyber Range will bring the stress of a cyber incident directly to the audience. Feel what thousands of cyber range clients have experienced. Learn the business, technical and cultural lessons through the personal experience of client organizations that have tested their teams in the cyber range.

These are just a sample of the client stories and sessions available at Think. Read more about the security sessions taking place at Think.


On Wednesday, February 13 from 8:30-10:00 AM, don’t miss the IBM Financial Services Networking Breakfast at Think where you can hear from Tom Eck, CTO and VP of IBM Cloud and Financial Services, and Sandip Patel, General Managing Director of IBM Insurance, and join banking and insurance industry experts and like-minded peers in discussions of the key imperatives and new technologies driving the industry. Please pre-register as there is limited space available.


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