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IBM ICM delivering on the promise of continuous improvement with latest release

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Innovation: How can we make it work better for everyone?

When we talk about innovation, it’s not simply about introducing a new idea or implementing a new feature or a product capability. It has more to do with a process that involves multiple activities to uncover new ways to do things, changing the status quo, and making our lives better in the way we work and live. Innovation requires creativity, openness, and collaboration. We begin to think outside the box, look at things from a different perspective: “Yes, this works for us, but how can we make it work better for everyone?”

Software vendors are in a fast-paced environment where technology is advancing at a rapid pace, where everyone and everything is innovating. Competition is increasing, customer’s expectations are rising, and they are demanding more. Disruption is happening all around us. In many cases, small agile startups are competing with long-established organizations. This disruption is happening in the markets, technology and in the global economy. Businesses, big and small, must be able to adapt and innovate to the changing trends of the world around them. Adaption is hampered in business by operating in silos. Success is achieved through innovation by a collaborative effort. Openness to new ideas is crucial. Innovation results bring bigger opportunities. When software is developed using a framework that drives innovation – the results are incredible.

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

When we design new features and capabilities in each release cycle of our IBM Incentive Compensation Management solution, we want to make it better for our customers. We want our solution to help them realize bigger opportunities. We also want our customers to have a competitive advantage. IBM Enterprise Design Thinking is a framework that allows us to deliver on the idea of innovation, making our customer’s lives better, and providing a competitive advantage to an organization that is seeking bigger opportunities and success.  This philosophy is the framework that IBM uses to collaborate, align teams, and form intent to solve users’ problems. This happens while improving customer experiences at the speed and scale the modern enterprise demands. We focus on the outcomes that delight users of our solution and deliver increased value to meet their business goals. You can learn more about IBM Design Thinking principles here.

Announcing IBM ICM 10.1: January 2019 Release

We’ve applied the IBM Design Thinking framework to the most recent release of IBM Incentive Compensation Management, that was announced on January 29, 2019. The features and capabilities of this release was driven by customers, user interface (UI) designers, product offering, and software engineers in a creative, open, and collaborative environment. As a result, we are delivering on the promise of continuous innovation.

IBM ICM 10.1 Highlights:

  • A redesign of the ‘Payee Web’ that delivers on the promise to improve user interaction and adoption from the sales team making their lives better and more productive. Payee Web has been updated with a modern design, with improved user experience and interaction. The redesigned Payee Web has the necessary infrastructure to accelerate the transformation of reporting to a more user-driven, interactive capabilities.
  • A new ‘Rapid Reports’ reporting module delivery system that addresses on the promise to allow administrators to configure reports and provide visibility of incentive compensation faster and easier with a set of out-of-the-box reports. Rapid Reports enables administrators to utilize out-of-the-box reports to deliver data to their payees quickly. This release includes reports such as fixed Compensation Statement, Earnings Details, and Performance Summary. Additionally, this release comes with a flexible template report that can be used for the data that fits your business needs.
  • A new mobile application (i.e. ICMobile) that delivers on the promise to deliver reports and information to the sales team on any mobile device. This new progressive mobile app supports the progressive web app that enables continuous delivery of improvements, offers a native mobile experience, and is available on any device or operating system that has access to a web browser.

Our promise to all of our customers is to continue to innovate and is what makes IBM a market leader in Sales Performance Management.

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