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IBM is a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Performance Management Solutions, Q1 2019

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Forrester Research, one of America’s preeminent market research organizations, has included IBM as one of the “most significant” and also as one of the “eight providers that matter most” in its 2019 evaluation of sales performance management (SPM) solutions. The recent report that evaluates SPM providers by a number of key distinctions, states that “6% of B2B sales leaders implemented an SPM solution in the past 12 months and 29% are implementing or plan to implement one in the next 12 to 18 months.”

In their 2019 multi-criterion evaluation of SPM vendors, Forrester recognizes IBM as a strong performer based on the following functionalities offered by IBM SPM solution:

  • Seamless integration between territory, quota planning, and incentive compensation planning and execution.
    Supports real-time scenario modeling support functionality allowing the sales operations to  move any changes to the actual plans by the push of the button.
  • Flexible data model that simplifies integration and minimizes external processing with the ability to import, process, and report on large amounts of data to provide actionable insights.
  • IBM Watson APIs can integrate with its SPM solution to uncover non-obvious insights related to sales personnel establishing correlations that can improve results and ensure the retention of top sellers while also handling automated dispute resolution using natural language AI tools.
  • Market segment strategy and support for global customers with out-of-the box configuration tools to address requirements across industries.

Enable seamless data integration and deep insights using AI and advanced analytics

IBM SPM has strong data integration capabilities allows the solution to import and export data from disparate data sources directly into an organization’s existing infrastructure or solution like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource information system (HRIS), business intelligence (BI) and others through automation and transparency. The solution can also seamlessly integrate with Watson APIs, leveraging both structured and unstructured data uncovering deep insights into pipelines and forecasts, automated inquiry and dispute resolution. It allows compensation results and commission statements to be exported directly to any organization’s downstream systems, including payroll and customer relationship management applications, business intelligence systems and corporate portals.

IBM SPM addresses the needs of both small and medium scale businesses across industries and geographies with its off-the-shelf, ICM Rapid Deployment Service, to help them get started immediately, as well as caters to enterprise needs with a more tailored and customized solution approach.

IBM SPM improves sales effectiveness with speed, flexibility and visibility

IBM Sales Performance Management improves sales performance and operations with better management of incentive compensation plan and smarter administration of sales territories and quotas, producing faster insights with advanced analytics and AI. The solution includes incentive compensation management, territory and quota management and sales analytics that allow sales organizations and the businesses to reach data-driven decisions, faster while remaining agile and adaptive to change. The solution delivers a robust and scalable calculation engine for managing sales compensation processes allowing organizations to automate the process of administering, calculating, reporting and analyzing incentive compensation programs while reducing calculation errors and overpayments.

IBM SPM offers IBM Incentive Compensation Management as a single solution for incentive compensation, territory management and quota management.Key features include data integration, a high performance calculation engine, workflow and routing, automation, dashboards & reports, and sales analytics. You can deep, detailed insights into sales performance and effectiveness, such as profit margins, cost of sales and account penetration, to drive effective sales, up-sell and cross-sell strategies. Administrators can deploy mobile-ready reports to drive key motivators, react to market changes and identify performance outliers.

IBM leverages User Experience Design (UXD) for latest software release

IBM released its latest SPM software, ICM 10.1, as part of their continuous development to improve customer experience, leverages UXD and is a result of collaboration with top UX designers, several of IBM’s existing customers, the IBM development team, the IBM development team, while applying IBM Enterprise Design Thinking and agile methodologies.

The latest release features a number of new reporting capabilities available out-of-the-box and designed for customers who simply want to get up and running quickly. These rapid reports are mapped directly to your sales data and compensation plan calculations to quickly publish compensation statements and other metrics to the sales team.

Regardless of the size of your company, IBM has the experience of working with organizations of all sizes and industries, offering rapid deployment services as well as tailored and comprehensive approach.

Are you in the process of evaluating and selecting an SPM solution?

If you are planning to purchase an SPM solution, then make an educated and informed decision — read our IBM SPM Buyers Guide and experience IBM SPM’s interactive demos or talk to our SPM experts.

The full 2019 report from Forrester is available to subscribers or for purchase here.

Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Sales Performance Management

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