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Abt Electronics, Inc. simplifies rebates and co-op fund capture with IBM Incentive Compensation

Vendor rebates and co-marketing funds can be difficult for retailers to track and successfully capture, especially when multiple, siloed legacy systems are involved. Add tiered incentive arrangements, percentages tied to advertising activity, varied and complex parameters – along with thousands of vendor invoices – and a retailer can be left scrambling to avoid financial losses. […]

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Sales compensation accuracy: Questions, questions, questions

Humans are an inquisitive bunch, salespeople especially so. There is a never-ending list of questions buzzing around a salesperson’s head and never more so than when it comes to the question of compensation. Am I meeting my customer’s needs? How do I get to the CFO? Should I have been more direct on that call? […]

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The doctor is in: Sales Design Thinking at the intersection of scientific method and creative problem solving

Before becoming a sales consultant, I spent nearly twenty years working in healthcare. You might think that with a master’s degree, a specialty in cardiovascular diseases, and training in the scientific method, my approach to sales effectiveness would be worlds apart from that of SalesGlobe founder, Mark Donnolo, who uses design thinking methods. After all, […]

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Lower risk and reap rewards through Sales Performance Management

In 1993, Alfie Kohn made a strong case that incentive plans cannot work. In 2012, as part of the Varicent Insight users conference, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Daniel Pink, our keynote that year who gave the example of a Fuller Brush salesman, and that commissions were a thing of the […]

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Sales Performance Management – Who benefits?

Question: What types of organization could benefit from an automated sales performance management solution? Answer: More than you would d think. Industry What industries are using automated solutions these days? Industries such as telecommunications, insurance, banking and pharmaceuticals were amongst the early adopters of this technology ten years ago, but since then the list has […]

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Is technology replacing or augmenting the sales role in the digital age?

Digital technology has no doubt, over the last decade, revolutionized and completely transformed customer behavior as well as redefined how businesses interact with their customers. E-commerce sites have revolutionized shopping; even in healthcare and financial services, digital technology has started changing how consumers choose their service providers. Technological advancements have impacted almost every profession and […]

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The seven deadly sins of sales performance management

Companies, like people, face pitfalls in corporate progress whose recurrence in one business case after another hints at root causes common to many organizations. The Seven Deadly Sins of SPM distills the experiences of IBM specialists who help firms around the world identify and remedy the causes that lie behind underperforming sales performance management (SPM) systems. Such recurring causes—the […]

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Overpayments: A costly SPM mistake

People make mistakes in all aspects of life; it’s not exactly headline news when it happens. If you have ever hit “reply all” by mistake, forgot to set an alarm for an early morning flight, or as I did last week, misjudge your sporting prowess and end up with a bang to the head, you […]

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Driving performance management in sales: The evolving role of the sales compensation leader

Businesses today face the challenge of change—of growing in a market defined by sustained volatility and technological disruption. As organizations mature, central business roles must also evolve to meet the challenges of growth and organizational complexity. The role of sales compensation leader illustrates, perhaps better than any other role in modern business, the lockstep relationship […]

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How banks are using incentive compensation management to help increase revenue and drive growth

In a competitive financial marketplace, banks are turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions for competitive advantage. While the value of motivating employees is indisputable, bankers increasingly recognize the value of going beyond improvised morale building tactics to deploying a structured incentive compensation system. However, making the case to senior bank executives of the need […]

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure

“I don’t have enough data,” is something that I have never heard from a client. The real challenge today is finding the right data. Fundamental to sales performance management (SPM) is what we call Sales Performance Measurement. Peter Drucker, inventor of management by objective, or MBO’s, is attributed to this “You can’t manage what you […]

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