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What does AI offer your financial institution? Lessons from SIFMA OPS 2017

What issues are the most important to your financial institution? There are likely to be as many different answers to that question as there are institutions in the industry. In the area of regulatory compliance, however, simply keeping up with the volume and variety of new and changing regulations is high on the priority list […]

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Cognitive Technology: A shelter in the storm of regulatory change

Turbulence and disruption have been the mainstay of the financial services industry for more than a decade and there is little to suggest that a long calm is in the offing. Quite the contrary, the industry had to adapt to an onslaught of new regulations in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. A decade […]

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Cognitive Compliance Highlights an Opportunity for Banks

Today, banks are dealing with an overwhelming morass of regulations – more than 20,000 new ones in 2015 alone.  By the year 2020, there may be 300 million pages of banking regulations. When I was in college, buying used textbooks had two benefits.  It was a way to save a few dollars.  Even better, if […]

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Combating cybercrime in the 21st century: Financial services firms are learning how to fight back

The cat is out of the bag. When a new cyberattack occurs that is successful and garners attention in the news cycle, you can almost guarantee it will happen again. Why?  It is a combination of several elements. First the author of the original hack is motivated to re-use the tools, techniques and methods because […]

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Banking on a Cognitive Business

Calling all rainmakers, catalysts and change agents.  Now is the time to bank on a cognitive business! Let’s see what cognitive banking means. In the face of stiff headwinds still being felt from the financial downturn, the rise of the FinTech disruption and internal cultural resistance, we are starting to see winning organizations wade through […]

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Conquering Compliance To Pivot Business And IT’s Focus On Achieving Agility

It’s no secret that the volume and depth of regulations have positioned regulators as the top “customer segment” for many global financial services organizations, that’s why financial services risk management is so important. Many organizations I speak with talk about how they have to juggle the need to revisit traditional business models, driven by demands […]

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