Banking to the power of IBM: opportunity at Sibos 2017

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At Sibos 2017 in Toronto IBM will show how we are empowering global banks by helping them digitally reinvent for tomorrow. Here is a preview of our focus at this year’s Sibos:

Enterprise blockchain – IBM is leading the advancement of blockchain with many projects under way in financial services including foreign exchange payments netting, private equity administration, securities lending and trade finance. Blockchain is helping to radically simplify processes, increase agility, drive substantial structural cost reduction, and improve security.

Modernize transactions – the technology choices banks make today on cloud, via APIs and in application development, will determine their ability to innovate new customer engagement tactics, optimize back-end efficiency, monetize data streams and reinforce their leadership in the banking sector in years to come. IBM has advanced solutions from blockchain and hybrid cloud to Open API design and pervasive encryption on our new Z platform all designed to further trusted brands as well as offering customers the best of today’s ‘instant’ world.

Risk and regulatory compliance – as criminals become better at exploiting vulnerabilities, financial institutions must up their game. Trained by experts at Promontory, IBM has leading-edge solutions in Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Conduct Surveillance and other forms of digital fraud. To maximize efficiency of their compliance workforce, banks need to implement AI technology that works alongside human compliance officers to deliver a streamlined, efficient regulatory process driven by a consistent methodology, embedded in your GRC framework.

Customer experience – in a world where many millennials use instant payments like Venmo instead of their bank, IBM is both an innovator and partner on solutions to improve electronic transfer systems for safer, faster movement between bank accounts. We’re leading with the industry’s first true cognitive solution to sharply reduce fraud losses while guarding the customer experience by minimizing false alarms. As mobile banking soars, we also have chatbot applications that understand natural language, respond to customers in human-like conversation in multiple languages, and deliver faster time-to-value integration.

Through our solutions in cognitive, cloud, payments and blockchain, IBM is guiding the financial industry through a period of unprecedented change – watch for IBM news from Sibos 2017!

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Ian Hurst, Regional Managing Director, Banking and Financial Markets

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