Cognitive Compliance Highlights an Opportunity for Banks

Today, banks are dealing with an overwhelming morass of regulations – more than 20,000 new ones in 2015 alone.  By the year 2020, there may be 300 million pages of banking regulations. When I was in college, buying used textbooks had two benefits.  It was a way to save a few dollars.  Even better, if […]


Innovation in Financial Services – An Industry View

I recently participated in an industry roundtable sponsored by IBM and run by “The Banker” to look at the state of innovation in financial services. “The Banker” is a publication that provides economic and financial intelligence for the world’s financial sector. I was joined by a diverse panel of participants from across the industry: Anthony […]


Improving Customer Experience Through Digital Reinvention

I’ve spent most of my life as a satisfied consumer. Whether I bought a new outfit, hailed a taxicab, invested in stocks or bonds, or rented a movie, I viewed almost everything as a transaction. The transaction either succeeded or it didn’t. Most of the time, it did. That’s all changing. And the pace of […]

The Inescapable Urgency of the Cognitive Bank

Late last year, I read an article in the Financial Times that said there were three possible reasons for the turmoil in the worldwide banking industry:  a blip induced by excessive regulation, a return to normal after an exceptional pre-crisis boom, or the slow death of banking. Whether you believe it’s one of these or […]

We Need Consensus on the Best Approach to Consensus

As has been noted elsewhere, the Hyperledger project is experiencing spectacular adoption and growth as the combined benefits of a permission blockchain fabric grounded in open source and open governance is even more widely recognized.  Indeed membership has risen from 30 to more than 80 participating firms now including DTCC, JPMC and CLS. One of […]

Banking on a Cognitive Business

Calling all rainmakers, catalysts and change agents.  Now is the time to bank on a cognitive business! Let’s see what cognitive banking means. In the face of stiff headwinds still being felt from the financial downturn, the rise of the FinTech disruption and internal cultural resistance, we are starting to see winning organizations wade through […]

Outthink Competition in Financial Services through Digital Business Transformation

Digital disruptors are forcing financial companies to re-invent themselves and rethink the speed of responsiveness to business and customer needs. Today the competition is coming in from all sides – within the industry and from other industries. Agile start-ups and innovative Fintechs not only increase the threat of losing customers but also impact business results. […]

Conquering Compliance To Pivot Business And IT’s Focus On Achieving Agility

It’s no secret that the volume and depth of regulations have positioned regulators as the top “customer segment” for many global financial services organizations, that’s why financial services risk management is so important. Many organizations I speak with talk about how they have to juggle the need to revisit traditional business models, driven by demands […]

What Can Banks Learn From The FinTechs?

My engagements with a number of global banks of various sizes over the past several months have been on one common agenda. What should be their strategy for Digital Banking transformation and what they can learn from FinTech innovation?  This is definitely related to the inflection point that the banking industry is today both from their […]

Breakthrough Banking: Your Cognitive Future Starts Now

The IBM Institute of Business Value released a new executive report that discusses cognitive computing in the financial industry. Cognitive computing has arrived and its potential to revolutionize the industry is enormous. With the power to unleash a new era of innovation and growth, cognitive systems are already helping institutions enhance the customer experience, uncover […]

Top 10 Payments Predictions For 2016

What do you think will happen in 2016? Here are my top 10 payments predictions: # 1 Wallet Wars Clarity around who will dominate the wallet market becomes cloudy. # 2 Apple loses its shine Initial Apple Wallet momentum slows. Competition fights back with alternatives. # 3 Banks fight back The demise of banks is […]

Bold Thinking For The Next-Generation Bank

Digital forces are transforming industries beyond recognition. Big data, mobility, social media and cloud computing are changing the way people live, work and think – and forcing banks to develop new strategies to meet ever-shifting customer expectations. This is the time of the next generation bank. Time is of the essence. Today’s banks face fierce […]

Creating Long-Term, High-Value Banking Customers With Micro-Segmentation

All companies, especially financial services firms, use micro segmentation to fine-tune their marketing based on unique circumstances. For example, a couple considering purchasing their first house has different needs than a couple saving for retirement. But that’s a pretty wide segment, and there can be a lot of variations within those groups. How do you […]

Making Blockchain Real For Business – What Does This Mean? And What Is Next?

This past Thursday The Linux Foundation, IBM and several major Banks and Tech firms made an exciting Blockchain announcement. The Open Ledger Project, as it is known, will be looked back on as a pivotal moment in time. The most important driver behind this initiative is making Blockchain real for business… developing the technology as […]

Banking Redefined: Disruption, Transformation And The Next-Generation Bank

The IBM Institute of Business Value just released a new executive report on banking redefined that discusses the disruptive forces that are affecting the financial industry and strategies for transforming into a next-generation bank. With insights from 1,060 banking executives and 1,600 retail banking and wealth management customers, the report identifies key business imperatives and […]

Waiting For The Tide To Turn? Banks Can Do More

Steamer Lane, which is named after the steam powered boats that motored past it in the 1930’s, serves as the epicenter of Santa Cruz surfing with its cool blue water from the Pacific. Standing at the beachfront of Steamer Lane, Karthik, an adroit surfer gazes the ocean for signs of high tide. The waves ebb […]