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You can now find IBM Professional Certifications and tests on the Skills Gateway

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Skills Gateway has expanded its search filters to include IBM’s professional certifications and tests.  The new filter expands our learners’ ability to quickly and easily locate IBM credentials; badges, certifications & certification tests.

Information Technology certifications differentiate individuals both on the job and in the market.  IBM Credentials such as a Professional Certification continue to be highly recognized and valuable to individuals and employers. The IT Certification Council (ITCC) provides insight as to why so many professionals take time to get certified in the white paper titled “Why Get IT Certified“.   This whitepaper is further validated by a recent ITCC survey about IT Certification that learned the following:

  • 70% of IT professionals who earned a new certification or recertified reported improved work effectiveness after achieving their certification
  • 86% of hiring managers factor in certifications when making hiring decisions
  • 83% of IT management reported that they perceived improvements in their staff’s work effectiveness after certification.
  • 89% of IT hiring managers said that IT certifications helped confirm subject matter expertise.

IBM’s Partnerworld provides additional benefits to companies that employ certified individuals.  For details please visit

Learners may also continue to use the IBM Professional Certification web site to access information about available tests and certifications.   In addition, users can view all the IBM certifications they have earned on the member site.

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