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Women in Cybersecurity: Your journey to an exciting new Career starts now!

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Looking for a new role, wanting to learn more about cybersecurity, then this virtual session is for you.

This event encourages you to learn about the skills and roles that interest you the most and how women in security succeeded in entering into the security workforce.

Your adventure awaits

Please register for an interactive session to investigate why a cybersecurity position may be a good fit for you!

  • Hear from IBMers about what they do, their skills, their journey and how they can help you
  • Learn about tools, software, and techniques for you to update your skills
  • Gain access to key resources to start your journey or continue where you are to reach your goals
  • October 15, 2020 9 am – 12:15 pm ET
  • Breakout Topics
    • Cybersecurity Tech
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Risk & Compliance
    • Security & Business

Join us!

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