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Virtual Training Myths Debunked

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If you are new to instructor-led virtual training, you’ve probably heard a few objections to it. The truth of the matter is that there are actually huge benefits and advantages that virtual training has to help you along your learning journey.

Below are some myths that we’ve debunked to help you make a more educated decision on enrolling in a virtual training class.

Virtual Training Does Not Work Well for Technical Training

This is quite the opposite, in fact, our virtual classrooms allow for interactive sessions between instructors and students. Hands-on demonstrations still occur in real-time and students can ask questions when necessary.

Not Easy to Use for Students

Our easy to use virtual tool is intuitive and allows for interaction between both the student and the instructor. With virtual classrooms and labs, each student will feel like they are sitting in a class.

Virtual Training is Less Collaborative

Quite the contrary. Within our virtual environment, students are able to raise their hand, ask questions, and take part during in-class discussion. We also have video features so students can interact with the rest of the class live.

There Are Too Many Distractions

Some students feel as if they would be less productive and have too many distractions from training virtually. Our virtual platform is designed to promote interaction between students and instructors, and if students need to ask questions or get clarification, they can interact directly and in real-time.

Unsecure Connections

Our technology uses up-to-date safety protocols and to ensure that each user is on a secure connection.

Instructors Aren’t as Flexible when Scheduling Classes

Our relationships with instructors have been proven to promote flexibility, especially when putting together instructor-led virtual training classes.

Where travel to the location was the primary reason for classes being put together in a format that spans in shorter more condensed periods, by taking part in virtual training the opportunities for more flexible schedules are increased. This allows teams to have the option to schedule classes to the needs of their department and reduce the time that students are away from their jobs on training.

Are you searching for Virtual Courses? LearnQuest has you covered!

Our virtual classes are designed to help our students invest in themselves, encourage educational continuity, and avoid disruptions in their learning journey during this difficult time.

We also offer virtual private group training for companies and organizations that are looking to get training for their teams when and how they need it.

For more information, browse or catalog, or feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how to enroll in virtual classes.

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