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Validate your expertise with IBM Professional Certification

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IBM Professional Certification is a powerful, objective credential that validates your expertise in IBM products, solutions and technologies. In today’s competitive job market, earning your certification helps you stand out from other IT professionals.

Certified IT professionals report high job satisfaction

According to a 2013 survey from Prometric and Edge Research(1), 86 percent of certified IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs. These professionals have greater job satisfaction than those without certifications. Certified professionals also show greater confidence in their ability to implement IT systems on budget and on time.

IT decision makers see value in certification

The Prometric and Edge Research survey also reveals that IT decision makers believe that certification benefits an organization in these key areas:

Skills and knowledge

  • Keep employees’ skills current
  • Expose staff to new products
  • Troubleshoot problems without help of outside support


  • Help staff do their jobs better
  • Lead to faster implementation of IT solutions
  • Improve reliability and efficiency of IT environment
  • Reduce network downtime

Staff value and productivity

  • Benefit from robust return-on-investment
  • Demonstrate competency to clients
  • Make staff more valuable to organization
  • Increase staff retention

For details, read the Prometric survey.

Training investment leads to staff retention

Though the cost of certification training and testing is a deterrent for some employers, the benefits outweigh the costs. Education and training opportunities are key in creating employee loyalty and job satisfaction. This investment saves money over the long term, since it is less expensive to retain employees than recruit and train new hires.

Getting started

Earning your professional certification is a quick, efficient process. Most certifications require passing one multiple-choice exam. To determine which certification you need, IBM training paths are an ideal starting point. These flowcharts map out the sequence of courses needed to attain a specific skill or certification. If you know which certification you need, the IBM Professional Certification website lets you search by hardware, software or IT solution.

IBM Global Training Providers can help you choose courses to meet your certification goals. Visit the IBM Training website and select your country from the dropdown menu in the middle of the page. From your country’s training page, click on the Contact/Advice tab, choose an IBM Global Training Provider and select “contact details.”

How to ace your exam

To help ensure your success at exam time, IBM offers several test preparation options:

  • Sample tests can help familiarize you with the test format and the types of questions. Answer keys are included. Sample tests are offered at no charge.
  • Assessment tests simulate the certification exams. They’re an excellent gauge of whether you could benefit from additional study. Assessment tests have a modest fee.

Be careful where you locate these tests as many found on the Internet are of questionable legality or currency. IBM offers the tests at the IBM Professional Certification website.

Document the value of IT certification

IBM and Prometric have created the Why IT Certify website where you can find answers to common questions about the value of IT certification including:

  • Does certification help you make more money and move up the career ladder faster?
  • Does having certified employees help your business?
  • Does certification help bring faster quality solutions to market?

The site includes salary surveys, industry reports, white papers, testimonials and links to other certification resources.

Once you’re certified, you’re welcome to join the IBM Professional Certification Community. This members-only forum is a great way to continue to grow your skills, learn about new certifications and build a lifetime of contacts critical to your professional success.

For more information, visit the IBM Professional Certification website or contact You can also go to the IBM Training website and select your country from the dropdown menu in the middle of the page. From your country’s training page, click on the Contact/Advice tab and contact an IBM Global Training Provider.

(1) Results from an Online Survey for Prometric, February 2013, Edge Research

Join the IBM Certification Exam team

IBM calls upon a panel of IT professionals to create certification exams. Panel members include IBM product experts, business partners and clients-all with “real world” experience. If you’re interested in joining the panel, contact

More about IBM Professional Certification

These websites offer information on training and certification. Check them out!

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