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Updated! Getting to know our GTPs: Global Knowledge

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You have seen me blogging on this site since a while now. In case you’re not yet aware of who I am, please have a look to me and my content. I first heard about Global Knowledge years ago, when I tried to increase the Education Channel in Europe. They were one of the candidates to help IBM selling. Years afterwords, when we started to look into expanding IBMs Education coverage, the teaming with them was a natural next step.

Global Knowledge and IBM: 2013 until today

A lot of things happened since 2013, when we rolled out the new IBM Education Model. At that time IBM covered around 60 countries with Education, and hardly had any Digital Learning Offering. Today, having Partners like Global Knowledge on board, the numbers are looking different: Global Knowledge alone is covering more than 100 countries and more than 10 languages. And Global Knowledge rolled out not only Digital Learning. They even built their own Studios for recording state of the art videos, knowing this is the future.


This year, around 4 years after the initial launch of our program, we revisited the videos we recorded in 2013 with each of our Partners. And we realized once more that a lot happened. Having said that, there was a need to record new introduction videos with our Partners and kind of re-introduce everybody.

And as important as the video is the link to the IBM Training Practice Home Page of Global Knowledge.

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