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Unleash your AI potential — and boost your career

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You’ve seen the stories. The rapidly evolving AI environment is changing the technology and business status quo. But winning organizations know the ongoing challenge will not be more than keeping up. It will be about staying ahead.

And for professionals like you, that means career opportunities.

Already, CEOs are eager to hire for generative AI-related roles that didn’t exist even last year. Not only that, but CEOs also report that to get up to speed quickly, 35% of their current workforce will require retraining and reskilling over the next three years–up from just 6% in 2021, according to the IBM’s Institute of Business Value.

So now is the time to advance your career, in both AI and the data science that underpins it.


IBM has been actively developing artificial intelligence for many years. IBM’s approach goes beyond technology. It revolves around building trust. IBM’s AI solutions empower our clients to harness AI’s potential with confidence, enabling them to propel their businesses forward effectively.

And as AI alters the future of business, you can trust IBM Learning to offer the training you need.

Learn AI with IBM Learning

IBM Learning offers training and certifications to help you both build and validate your skills and expertise:

  • If you are just beginning your AI journey, check out our “Start here” series
  • If you are a business leader, you can take advantage of AI curricula tailored specifically for the C-suite
  • And if you work or are interested in more advanced AI, IBM has the programs you need in data science, generative AI building, machine learning engineering, and more

The newest AI credential at IBM Learning is Certified watsonx Data Scientist – Associate. Through self-paced courses and hands-on labs, you gain a deep understanding of the data scientist role and how to combine data and AI to boost business opportunities.

Start your learning journey today

With this newest credential—and all our AI courses and certifications—you can prove your expertise to employers, peers, and clients.  Because IBM Learning is your gateway to a world of new opportunities.

Learn AI with IBM.

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