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TSIA Exchange: Navigating Help in a Pandemic

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What is TSIA Exchange

TSIA created TSIA Exchange as a community platform to help services companies and services units to react to the current pandemic. The platform is taking the insight that TSIA is usually offering to the next level. It helps to react in an agile way to current challenges. Instead of formal research of TSIA and formal member discussions, the platforms adds the power of the community to the existing data that TSIA is making available. This means every member can put out questions in a fast and flexible way. TSIA experts will help with all existing knowledge and research, but also other members who probably faced similar challenges are there to help. And also the possibility exists that, based on a discussion, the need for a TSIA quick polls arises or a need for a deeper research of TSIA.

Next steps

Everybody can benefit from TSIA Exchange by visiting the community. The website overall is open to everybody. If your organization is a member of TSIA you can on top ask your own questions or comment. (So, if you’re reading my Blog as IBMer please feel free to log in and ask your questions and put in comments.)

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