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The ROI of Training within your Organization

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Continuing the serialization of the IBM Training Paper on the Value of Training we focus this week on the ROI of Training within your Organization, looking at the evidence that best performing companies invest in training and correlating the relationship between the investment in training, project success and meeting stakeholder objectives. We then call out some of the measurable benefits.

Best performing companies invest in training

In a recent IBM Smarter Workforce study IBM looked at best performing companies and worst performing companies to see if skills had a part to play in performance. The results we found are not surprising: 84% of employees in Best Performing Organizations are receiving the training they need, a full 68% better than worst performing companies.


Source IBM Smarter Workforce 2013 Training and Tenure Report

Relationship between number of hours of training and project success.

The amount of training does not need to be massive. When preparing for a project, teams receiving 40 hours of training per member met their significant project objectives three times as often as teams that received 30 hours of training or less.[i]

Relationship between number of hours of training and project success.


Relationship between team skill and stakeholder objectives

Training helps stakeholders win: Objectives will be met 90% more often by increasing team skills. Increasing team skills by 1/3 increases likelihood of stakeholders meeting their objectives from 10% to 100%. [ii]

Relationship between team skills and stakeholder objectives


Benefits of a skilled workforce

The benefits of a skilled workforce and a learning solution are significant and measurable, and they affect all areas of the organization from sales and marketing to customer service and support. They include:

  • 16% increase in customer satisfaction among companies using learning technology.[iii]
  • Skill levels linked to business value, $70,000 in annual savings and 10% increase in productivity when teams are well trained[iv]
  • 35% reduction in time spent searching for sales content.[v]
  • 22% faster rollouts of products and processes[vi]
  • 75-80% of managers believe effective training is critical to project success and meeting project deadlines.[vii]

“75-80% of managers believe effective training is critical to project success, skill levels linked to business value yield a 10% increase in productivity”

How to Access the Benefits of IBM Training

Learning Paths and specific Role Based training search can be found at, however to reap the true benefits of investing in skills to support your project you should engage one of our IBM Authorized Training Providers to help you build a skills analysis, where you can leverage strength and invest into growing the right skills at the right time to support your business goals and leverage the most out of your IBM solution.

Remember only IBM Authorized Global Training Providers are authorized by IBM and have direct access to the IBM Products and Materials, if should invest in training but when you do you should get the right training – look for partners with this mark to show they are official


In next weeks article we will look at “Building Skills for a Smarter Workforce”

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