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The intention of training

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Intention from a personal point of view

There was an interesting article some weeks ago around making sure that you know your intention in life and work. It was focused on entrepreneurs, but it is worth for everybody to have a look.

Reading this article, I concluded that the topic can be transitioned to many other areas. in any business for example, everybody should know what the intention of the company is or of a department within a company.

In my mission to drive skills, this brings up the following question: what is the mission of training? In this blog entry I want to dive more deeply into the question: what is the intention of IBM Training?

From Skills to Adoption

10 years ago, the question of why IBM was running training, was simple. The purpose was to drive skills for our clients. We were measuring attach rates and revenue. The attach rate showed how much revenue we were running compared to product sales. And the overall revenue of training was a simple measure that needed to grow. The formula was simple: Train as many existing customer as possible. A trained customer is making less mistakes and the product will benefit of the fact that  clients know how to use it.

Today? Those of you who are member of TSIA (Technology Services Industry association) already know that things changed. Most companies today are focusing on Adoption. Why? The move towards SaaS caused most of the change. Today only a customer who is using a product will enhance its Saas Subscription. And it is much easier to change from one vendor to another, so we all need to make sure clients are seeing the value of the solution they have chosen. Last but not least: young people start early to learn various IT skills, and the earlier you start training them within a product or product area, the better. They need to understand prior to buying a product how it works – at least on a high level. Sales is no longer done by a sales rep who visits a client. It is creating awareness for a product even before a client sees a sales rep.

Various offerings from IBM Education View

IBM started to change their focus five years ago when we introduced our Global Training Partners. This move more than doubled local availability of skills from a Geo view. It also drove significant volume increase and new business development. Next to the coverage IBM is also focusing on new offerings. All with the purpose to reach the maximum adoption – and of course not forgetting about the normal routes to market from 10 years ago.

You want to learn more? Have a look to the following 70 seconds learning about MicroLabs, Digital Learning Subscription and Training Credits.



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