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Take your certification test from your home or office

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Take your certification test from your home or office

IBM Certification offers online proctored exams for technical certification and technical mastery exams. While Sales Mastery exams and Assessment Tests have been taken online for years, PearsonVUEs also allows you to take your Technical Exams from home, office or even a hotel room.

Your Convenience

The new PearsonVUE Online Proctor Program gets rid of the hassle of traveling to a Test Center to take your exam. While PearsonVUE has thousands of Test Centers across the globe, some of our testers have to travel to take their exam. With the Online Proctor System Testers who would travel, can now save money and time by taking their IBM Certification Exams at home.


 Secure Testing

The new Online Proctor Program maintains the same security features that PearsonVUE Test Centers are known for. Online Proctored Tests will need to be taken in an empty room without posters, books, and personal devices like cell phones. The computer you use can only be running the Proctor Tool when taking the exam; all other applications must be closed. You will take your exam while being monitored through your web camera by a verified PearsonVUE Proctor.



  • Review minimum computer requirements to run the Proctor Program
  • Your Computer must have a working webcam and microphone
  • Your work area and room must be verified by the Proctor before beginning.

Online proctoring is not available for following countries

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Korea, N
  • Korea, S
  • Slovenia
  • Sudan

For more information and a step by step guide please visit:

IBM Certification Knowledge Center Post – Online Proctored Exams page


Any questions or concerns about Online Proctorship? Please contact PearsonVUE Customer Service



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