29 October 2015

7 Ways to Use the New LearnQuest Learning Library

Our free LearnQuestLearning Library is more than just anothergreatidea. We want this to be a professional resource that you keepcomingback to.Hereare 7ways you can use the LQ Learning Library to serve you and your career right away: Reinforcea recenttraining class concept that you now have to applyat work Close a skills gap during downtime at […]

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1 October 2015

LearnQuest Learning Library: Free Web-Based Big Data, Hadoop and More

Can a link literally change your career trajectory? We think this one can: http://www.learnquest.com/lq-library.aspx Discover a new kind oflearning librarythat offers flexible learning options and keeps pace with your training and lifestyle needs. Browse our growing collection of diverse content crossing various modalities, including live videos, web-based training, downloadable Redbook PDFs, and more. Current titles […]

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10 September 2015

Digital Transformation Begins with Effective Training

To LearnQuest, digital transformation for companies is a three step process. Much more than simply moving data online, it requires a systemic organizational shift from existing technical and business models. Transformation is step three, but training (digital competence) is step one, and Global Training Provider LearnQuest has the cutting-edge courseware and flexible learning options in […]

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