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Summer Camp is Here!

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IBM SkillsBuild for Students is hosting its first summer camp this June. Learners will have the opportunity to complete badge courses for cybersecurity and chatbot building. Besides that, IBMers will lead live webinars where subject matter experts will facilitate a design thinking workshop and offer a career vignette for cyber and cloud. Students will experience Project Based Learning (PBL) by determining a chatbot to build that can help solve a real-world problem such as a lack of drinking water, finding library books for underserved schools, or identifying career pathways.

The importance of training in these fields cannot be ignored. According to US News, cybersecurity analysts can expect job growth of more than 30% by 2029. GeeksforGeeks ranks cloud computing as one of the eight most popular tech fields and that practitioners of artificial intelligence will join a field expected to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025. As part of its mission to bring technology training to more students, especially those for whom it may not be readily available, SkillsBuild for Students will help learners explore viable career opportunities that will make them increasingly marketable as they prepare for the workforce. Earning credentials such as digital badges demonstrates to future employers that students value the exploration and foundational study of progressively important fields. 

The camp will give U.S. students the chance to continue their educational journey and develop new skills this summer.

SkillsBuild for Students offers technology skilling for ages 13 – 20.

For more information about the camp, students can register here.

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