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Stay competitive. Cloud integration and this flexible training approach

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C-suite executives are ready to double-down on cloud computing, according to this recent IBM Institute for Business Value blog. More than twice as many CIOs expect to invest significantly in hybrid cloud in the next two to three years as the number who said they’ve made that decision to date. Interest in cloud – and hybrid cloud in particular – is clearly not waning; its role as a source of strategic competitiveness is instead accelerating.

Accelerating the rollout of your cloud initiatives requires expertise. Modernizing your approach to integration means rethinking people, processes, technology and architecture. You need agile integration. And you need a flexible training approach that covers IBM Cloud solutions, and gives you the ability to take the training throughout the year as needed.

Consider the IBM Digital Learning Subscription (DLS).

IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription

IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription is a SaaS-based education offering. Subscribers gain access to the catalog of 150+ digital learning courses for a 12-month period. You can build your cloud expertise through the numerous hands-on lab learning experiences created by expert IBM lab teams.

The Cloud DLS is personalized, flexible, and cost-efficient.

  • Personalized: Choose the courses that map to your project goals, learning journey or next role.
  • Flexible: Move at your pace. Select hands-on labs anytime during your subscription. Stay up to date with new releases as the latest education becomes available.
  • Cost-efficient: Realize significant savings – up to 70% – compared to individual course purchases. Pay one, low price for a 12-month subscription.

Here is a sample of the courses that can you help you build your cloud integration skills.

IBM App Connect Professional
In hands-on exercises throughout the course, build integration solutions using the IBM App Connect Studio to create projects that contain orchestrations. See course ZE550G.

Creating, Publishing, Securing APIs with IBM API Connect
Learn how to create, publish and secure APIs with IBM API Connect. Explore how to use the Developer Toolkit. Find out more about course ZD514G.

Using the DataPower Gateway with the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit
Develop the skills needed to create, assemble and test APIs that use DataPower policies in API Connect. Best part? It’s all hands-on lab learning exercises. Check out course ZD504.

For a full list of the latest subscription courses, browse the complete Cloud DLS catalog. Here you will find digital courses on integration, digital business automation, application modernization and many more key topics.

Available for individuals and teams

The Digital Learning Subscription is ready to help you build essential cloud skills based on your goals, schedule and budget.

IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription, Individual Edition

  • Select 6 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) and 3 web-based training (WBTs) courses
  • 12-month subscription

New! IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription, Enterprise Edition

  • 30 digital enrollments total. Select up to 30 digital courses (SPVCs, WBTs), up to 30 users
  • 12-month subscription

Need more info?

Ready to go?

  • Get started! Buy an individual Cloud DLS subscription at the IBM Marketplace.

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