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Show us what you can do: Organizations are transitioning to a skills-based, capabilities-driven mindset.

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Five emerging economies will create 18M new jobs in the next five years, but many will require new skills, according to a recent report by Burning Glass Technologies.

Do you know what these new jobs will be?

Show us what you can do, a fast-paced, data-driven webinar hosted by IBM Training partner edX, reveals the answer to this question. And so much more.

Hear from industry experts on why and how companies are transitioning from traditional hiring practices to a skills-based, capabilities-driven mindset as their newest competitive advantage. As you listen to the lively, moderated panel discussion, discover several approaches you can apply to your organization, including IBM skill badges on edX.

Expert Panel

  • David Leaser, Innovation and Growth Initiatives, IBM
  • Matt Sigelman, CEO, Burning Glass Technologies
  • Dianna Berisha, Senior Manager, Customer Solutions, edX


  • Lee Rubenstein, Vice President, Business Development, edX

We invite you to watch the webinar replay.

Join the next webinar in the IBM and edX series. Stay tuned for the September details!

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