Seismic Shifts in Sales Enablement (for Business Partners)

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How do Business Partners keep up with all of the announcements, portfolio changes, decks and never ending messaging? IBM Business Partners often had to engage with multiple webpages, platforms and people to make sure they were up to date on the latest technology, offerings, and sales strategies.

With the recent announcement of our new Seismic at IBM platform, we are making it easier than ever to not only find the sales enablement materials you need faster, but also provide a collaborative platform rich with personalization, co-creation and sharing capabilities. On the go? Our mobile ready app is great for finding information while you’re on the road.

Seismic at IBM is reinventing and simplifying how we approach sales enablement. Seismic provides a single interface for the same personalized, intuitive, and proactive sales content for IBM sellers and IBM Business Partners. That means IBMers and IBM Business Partners are getting access to the same materials. Users say Seismic at IBM is already making business easier. One early user told us, “This is amazing! We can go to one location to perform the necessary tasks from internal interactions to the ability to engage and track customers and prospects.”

Log in to Seismic

Thousands of IBM Business Partners have already taken the first step by logging into Seismic and exploring the thousands of sales assets that are available today with more being added each week. Business Partners can spend less time searching for content, and more time in front of clients, closing deals, and being more productive. Check out some of our newest content on the IBM and RedHat announcement.

Join us for a webinar on September 10 where we are offering a tour of Seismic and real-time onboarding. Better yet, get started with Seismic at IBM right now. All you need is your PartnerWorld ID and password. Login at IBM.Seismic.com. If you experience any challenges signing on, request help here.

IBM’s new, global sales enablement experience, is providing sellers and IBM Business Partners with the right content and materials, at the right time, to accelerate selling. Get started today!


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