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Recognition for your investment in skills!

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IBM has always believed that if you love what you do, and you have the skills to do it, you can change the way the world works. By developing revolutionary concepts in learning, IBM Skills Gateway has made it easier and faster for you to develop the skills you need to succeed:

  • Easy access to digital learning content
  • Lab platforms providing hands-on labs and product sandboxes
  • Global Training Providers who offer a robust schedule of IBM training offerings virtually or face to face
  • Digital credentials and certificate programs signaling your skills achievements

As 2020 unfolds, IBM is delivering on the promise to create a clear  connection between training, skills and digital credentials (certification and badges), showing clear paths of progression and meaningful acknowledgements of your investment in skills.

Available now: Cloud Integration Learning Paths

These new Cloud Integration Learning Paths expertly guide you on your skills journey through personalized training, based on your job role.

  • Integrated training and credentialed outcomes
  • “Subway” style maps providing clear guidance
  • 10 role-based Learning Paths

And this is just the beginning. IBM will be expanding Learning Paths to further align to the broader Cloud portfolio as well as the rest of the IBM portfolio.

Please visit the new Cloud Learning Paths to get started

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