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Quality focus of our GTPs. Example: Arrow

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imageIt is interesting, that sometimes our GTPs and us are doing things in parallel without knowing from each other.

When I approached Arrow with the news, that we’re having a dedicated project running to look into course material quality, they surprised me with all the details and processes they are having in place around Quality.

I have to be honest, I always took it as normal, that all GTPs having good quality in our statistics, but until the moment when I was taken into the details I had no idea of how much work they are spending into this, and how detailed and optimized the processes are to get quality day by day improved.

One new approach of Arrow is to create videos around their work. If you’re interested and have 4 minutes time then I highly recommend the video they created (just click to the picture). It is probably more details than you want, but it gives you a good foundation once you hear me talking about the quality work of our GTPs and that I’m convinced, there is not much to improve.
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