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Prepare for your next Data Analyst Job Interview with the IBM Data Analyst Career Guide and Interview Preparation Course on

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Interviewing for a new role for the first time can be really intimidating. Especially if you are moving into a technical job for the first time, navigating skills tests, interview loops, and showcasing your portfolio are all new skills that will take some time to master. IBM’s Data Analyst Career Guide and Interview Preparation course published on will give you the tools you need to be fully prepared for your next Data Analyst interview, whether it’s your first- or hundredth-time interviewing.

This course has been designed to prepare you to enter the job market as a data analyst. It has been built by a diverse group of data analysts, hiring managers, career coaches, and experts in the field to make sure what you learn is relevant and in line with current hiring trends. You will learn how to find and assess prospective job opportunities, apply effectively to them, and help you hone your interviewing skills. You’ll get tools to help create your resume, and cover letter, and craft an elevator pitch that makes you stand apart.

Our team of professionals will help you be an efficient and effective interviewer, setting yourself ahead of the competition. Now, for a limited time, this course is FREE to enroll and complete. Sign up today for the IBM Data Analyst Career Guide and Interview Preparation Course on! 

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