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Open Badges: How IBM is leading innovation to transform the IT nanocredential field

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By David Leaser

Training Journalpublished an article about Open Badges as part of a report from DevLearn 2015 ‘Innovation in the making,’ where we introduced the IBM Open Badge Program.

The article, “Open Badges – a new way to recognise expertise,” highlights what the author believed were the important sessions of the show: The keynote on badges, delivered by Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation and IBM’s session on Open Badges. In the article, the author compliments IBM for designing and implementing a program which capitalizes on the strengths and benefits of open badges to address business challenges.

The IBM Open Badge session held a standing-room-only crowd, including representatives from IBM clients, like Cargill, Michelin and World Bank, who are eager to find out how IBM’s badge program will benefit them.
The results of IBM’s Open Badge Program have been nothing short of remarkable: dramatic increases in client engagement, increased product downloads and a deepening commitment to IBM.
Here are a few of the use cases where IBM’s Open Badges will help see value:


The DevLearn event was an opportunity to demonstrate and promote IBM’s innovation in the nanocredential field. We are leading in this social recognition space, and we are winning in the eyes of the community.

If you want to earn an IBM Open badge today, go to IBM’s Open Badge site to get started right now!

Here are a few links to help you learn more about this important initiative:

Link to the article:
Link to the presentation:
Two-minute fast paced video:
David Leaser is the Senior Program Manager, Innovation and Growth Initiatives at IBM. Leaser developed IBM’s first cloud-based learning solution and is the author of a number of thought leadership white papers on talent development, including “Migrating Minds” and “The Social Imperative in Workforce Development.” Leaser has trained more than 4,000 clients and developed more than 30 technology training manuals and video tutorials. You can reach David on LinkedIn or Twitter @david_leaser.
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