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New Training Offerings: Training Credits

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Prepaid Training Offerings

Running a training business always means you need to make it easy for clients. Thinking of this statement also means you need a discount strategy. Reflecting about possibilities of training offerings, there is one established product that most vendors are providing. Usually this is something where you pay money upfront and you can use your money throughout the next twelve months. Sometimes you’re getting a discount with this solution. Sometimes it just makes it easy to bundle training into another deal. In other cases it helps to spend money in December and use it next year. Following up those three ideas, I think they are the key.

The history around IBM’s prepaid training

As you know, IBM adopted in 2013 a new Global Training Strategy to meet changed market needs. This means we’re using five Global Training Providers to get more reach than we ever had. With the introduction of this model, there was a decision to stop IBM’s own prepaid training offerings. At that time we had different types of prepaid training offerings in various countries. There were lots of small differences. Most of them existed based on historical reasons. The concept was always the same, as described in the paragraph above.

New Training Credits

Today we’re announcing that IBM is again going to sell a prepaid training offering. You’ll see the product being available throughout the next 4 weeks. The idea is to mirror a concept that is well established in today’s market: Did you ever buy a gift card  with a fixed value for something at your local grocery store? This will be the same concept. You can buy Training Credits at IBM, and then use them at one of our five Global Training Providers. The advantage for our clients is straight forward. You can bundle this into any deal with IBM. You do not need a new purchase order with a Global Training Provider if you already have one with IBM and of course you can buy Training Credits and spend money today and then use the training over the next 12 months.
I’ll post a further blog entry with final dates and links on how to preregister/buy.


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