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New IBM training provider in China: Easthome

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EASTHOME was founded in 1998 as a pure training service company. In the mean time, they have become the leading IT skills and technology company for lifelong learning in China. They are also the largest independent examination and certification service provider in Asia Pacific.They deliver about 30.000 international certification exams every year.

Currently, Easthome owns over 100 classrooms in 10 Chinese cities and has over 200 full-time employees, including 40+ full-time instructors.

Their course delivery is hybrid and flexible, making use of face to face training, remote lab/live broadcast and e-Learning.

They have a professional delivery, marketing and sales team in place, providing services to more than 2000 large and renowned enterprise clients, such as people’ bank of China, China Unicom, China Customs, … and about 300k individual learners making use of their Easthome platform.

They also collaborate with Redhat for more than 10 years already.

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