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New Certification Magazine Salary Survey

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It’s the time of year when the Certification Magazine conducts its Annual Salary Survey. The IBM Certification Team encourages you to participate.

The Annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey is open to anyone who has any 1 current IT Certification. This survey is available to be taken until Friday November 29th at noon (Mountain). Results will be available in the first quarterly issue of 2020.

Certification Magazine continues to be a go-to resource for people wanting to know more about continuing education within the IT community.

Taking any IT Certification is an investment in time and money; and promotes career development, advancement, and possibly salary increase. This salary survey not only helps you choose your best Certification option, but also helps the IBM Certification Program improve our Certification selection and to support our community.

As a thank you for filling out the survey the Certification Magazine provides a free gift in the form of a free Certification Magazine digital subscription for one year or 40% off the print edition. Certification Magazine will enter participants names in a draw for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card once the survey closes.

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