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New Certification: IBM Certified Administrator – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x

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IBM is pleased to announce the release of a new certification – IBM Certified Administrator – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x.

The IBM Certified Administrator – IBM Cloud Pak for Data V4.x is an intermediate-level certification for experienced system administrator who has extensive knowledge and experience of Cloud Pak for Data V4.x. This administrator can perform tasks related to installation and configuration. The administrator also handles daily management and operation, security, performance, updates (including installation of fix packs and patches), customization and/or troubleshooting.

To attain the certification, candidates must pass C1000-145, IBM Cloud Pak for Data v4.x Administration

This exam consists of seven sections:

  • Section 1: Planning
  • Section 2: Installation
  • Section 3: Upgrading
  • Section 4: Security and Configuration
  • Section 5: Cluster Administration
  • Section 6: Platform Administration
  • Section 7: Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Thank you to all the subject matter experts who worked on the development of this exam.

For more information regarding this exam, visit the IBM Certified Administrator – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x certification web page.

Questions or comments regarding this exam or certification are always welcome and should be sent to

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