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Need to build better client experiences? IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription can help

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Automating work means the ability to offer a better experience at speed and scale.

Successful automation isn’t singular—it doesn’t come from one project or solution. It’s an iterative process that adapts with your changing business needs.

So, where do you start? According to this quick, practical guide to digital business automation, select one or two projects as a starting point. The key is to make each project individually valuable, knowing that as they build and interconnect, the benefit can be exponential.

The same points can also be said about the skills needed to bring your automation projects to life.

Learning is an iterative process. Select one or two skill areas to develop. Look at the learning journeys and the cloud automation courses available. Then, consider the IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription (DLS) as a way to build those key skills.

IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription

IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription is a SaaS-based education offering. Individual subscribers get access to the IBM Cloud digital learning courses for a 12-month period. Students can take up to 6 self-paced courses with labs and 3 web-based training courses from a catalog of 150+ highly-rated IBM Cloud digital courses created by expert IBM lab teams.

Some of the courses that are available to help you automate to deliver better client experiences include:

Integrating API Connect with IBM Business Process Manager
Learn how to create fast, simple connections to disparate, separate systems through IBM API Connect. Explore how to use these connections in IBM Business Process Manager to enhance your business processes. This course uses hands-on lab exercises. Check out course ZB832G.

Process Discovery and Modeling in IBM Blueworks Live
Get to know the core modeling skills and methods that improve the speed and quality of defining processes with Business Process Model Notation. In addition, learn the core product skills and methods that are needed to model processes with IBM Blueworks Live. Find out more about course ZB031G.

Introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager for Rule Authors
Learn the rule authoring and management features in the Decision Center Business console which is the primary Operational Decision Manager tool for rule authors. And in the hands-on lab exercises, use the business console to view and edit rules, run tests and simulations, and deploy completed rules. See course ZB036G.

Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager
Through the hands-on lab exercises and presentations, learn the core features of the Decision Server which is the primary working environment for developers. Work extensively with the Rule Execution Server. Read more about course ZB404G.  

Automating Tasks Using IBM Robotic Process Automation
Lab exercises throughout this course provide hands-on experience with developing robotic tasks. Get an introduction to robotic process automation, typical use cases, challenges, good practices, and high-level architecture of IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere. Explore course ZB502G.

So, what are some of the next steps?

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