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Mainframe Skills: “z Learning Journey” or “Mainframe Skills Overview in one page from Global Knowledge”

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There are lots of offerings around IBM skills,  lets focus in this Blog Post around Mainframe. In this segment there are a lot of basic, advanced and specialized offerings, sometimes difficult to choose in the big amount of courses.

I would like to highlight today two different approaches how to find what you need: On one hand we have the z Learnin Journey in the IBM Skills Portal. This is most likely the most complete approach, flexible and always up to date. On the other hand there is a good overview from Global Knowledge: “one page with all you need to know”, which can be found in the following overview of Mainframe Courses. The second is not complete, not dynamic, but could be of great help to get a first overview, help in basic discussions etc.

From my view both approaches are good examples for the variety of help we have to find the right learning.


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