TD SYNNEX: Learn How to Manage IBM Spectrum Scale Global File-Sharing System

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With more  than 4,000 clients around the world relying on the IBM Spectrum Scale as their global data platform for AI and big data, and next-generation data services, you may want to consider taking one of these three classes to either get you started or moving ahead working with the platform. These courses are for Database Administrators and System Administrators. You can start with the basics, course H005G, move on to H006G, and then take the advanced course, H008G.

H005G: IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux and AIX

By ingesting data from multiple nodes no matter where they reside, Spectrum Scale provides a single file system where one or multiple people with permission can access data any time. This course teaches database administrators and system administrators how to install, configure, and monitor an IBM Spectrum Scale storage cluster in environments running Linux and AIX nodes. They’ll learn about storage management, high availability options, cluster management, access management, and information lifecycle management (ILM) tools. You’ll also learn how to install IBM Spectrum Scale, build a cluster, install the product, navigate the software commands, add users, look at simple design issues with the product, and set up the platform by assigning resources and creating users and administrators.

Once you’re successfully managing IBM Spectrum Scale, you’ll want to know how well your clusters perform. You’ll learn about that in H006G.

H006G IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux

Course H006G teaches you how to parse, debug, interpret the data, and examine and improve the performance of your clusters. So if you ever have a bottleneck with your data or there’s a network misconfiguration, or you see a notification on your dashboard, you’ll learn how to discover what the problem is and how to fix it. You’ll discover how to be sure to store certain information long term and other information like medical information or credit card data for a short term.

H008G IBM Spectrum Scale – Remote Data Access

Course H008G is all about file management performance. You’ll learn about replicating data in multiple geographical areas, ensuring that everyone who needs to can access the data quickly without any problems. You’ll learn how to build clusters to bring it all your data together so it appears to users as if that data is all in one place. You’ll learn to enable data-anywhere access that spans storage and locations to accelerate applications across the data center or around the world. This course is all about administering the clusters. Attendees should already know the basics of installing, configuring and managing a Spectrum Scale clustered file system and how to use the installer toolkit.


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