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Launch a new career path in less than 6 months with the IBM Back-end JavaScript Developer Professional Certificate on Coursera!

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With the IBM Back-end JavaScript Developer Professional Certificate on Coursera you can build the skills and hands-on experience needed to get job-ready in under six months. No prior degree or software engineering experience required.

Industries have ever-increasing needs for talented back-end developers who can use JavaScript to write server-side applications. These modular applications connect to front-end interfaces and enable communication with databases, networking technologies, and more to power the user experience.

In this program, you will gain hands-on experience with server-side systems that power modern web and mobile applications. Technologies covered include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Git and GitHub, SQL and NoSQL databases, containers with Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, and Serverless.

Throughout the Professional Certificate, you will have ample opportunities to apply skills learned through real-world inspired labs and projects. Projects include:

  • Creating and sharing open-source projects on GitHub.
  • Crafting a travel recommendation website using JavaScript APIs that align with your user preferences.
  • Writing a server-side application that stores, retrieves, and manages book ratings and reviews with Node.js and Express framework.
  • Building and deploying a multitier guestbook with rolling updates using Openshift image streams.
  • Writing a back-end application that uses MongoDB with API endpoints so it readily integrates with a client-side application and deploying it to Kubernetes.
  • Preparing your backend developer resume and portfolio.

Upon completing the full program, you will have a portfolio of practical projects you can share in your interviews. In addition, you’ll receive a Professional Certificate and badge from IBM to showcase your proficiency in back-end JavaScript development to potential employers.

Launch your new career in back-end development today by enrolling in the IBM Back-end JavaScript Developer Professional Certificate. For a limited time, your first month of learning is free!

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