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Your journey to Kubernetes skills and OpenShift certification

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Start your journey to Red Hat OpenShift certification

The Digital Developer Conference: Hybrid Cloud is a free, on demand conference showing you how to use open source technologies, frameworks, and platforms like Kubernetes, Tekton, and Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® to support your application modernization or cloud migration skills, with sessions on application development and DevOps implementation. Application modernization is the key to putting freedom and flexibility at the forefront of consolidating IT resources, scaling out faster, and orchestrating processes through automation with the tools that serve you best. The skills gained in this conference will put you in position to bring your legacy applications forward or build net new applications with confidence and resilience.

In addition, we’ll have a dedicated hands-on lab track with experts diving deep into combining microservices, serverless, pipelines and other OpenShift capabilities to produce a secure, cloud native credit card application. Spend your day going from threat modeling and identity management to application deployment and beyond, with secure CI/CD pipelines, then earn industry-recognized digital badges for testing your knowledge.

Finally, get an exclusive offer from Red Hat. After the conference, continue your certification journey with a discount on select courses and exams from Red Hat. Details on both the badging and discount will be available after the conference. We’re ready to take you on a journey to hybrid cloud freedom and flexibility with Red Hat OpenShift—hope to see you there.

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