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Artificial Intelligence; AI. 

It is what everyone is talking about.  It is on everyone’s mind.  Is it the greatest thing since the printing press?  Is it going to take over and then destroy us?  How do we separate the hype and hysteria from what is true and what matters? 

The way I see it, AI is disruptive, transformative technology that is going to impact almost everything.  But in order to think, speak, and act intelligently with respect to AI, you have to know what it is, and to some extent, how it works.  To that end, IBM Learning has published a new page on the learning portal, Generative AI With IBM, a set of free courses that will help you answer those questions and show you how you can leverage AI now.   I think everyone should take these courses, whether you are an IBMer, a client, or really any person who functions in the modern world.  And it is all free. 

But that’s not all. This month, IBM Learning is releasing a new course on AI called watsonx Foundations.  This course is for our watsonx customers who want to dive right into our AI offerings, whether they are a user who wants to use AI directly, or a developer who will be helping to transform their industry by infusing their applications with AI.

IBM is all in on helping our clients, business partners, and customers succeed with AI.

Change can be both exciting and scary.  Change is disruptive and causes some to up and some to go down.  But by arming yourself with knowledge, you can ensure you are on the ‘up’ side.

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