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It’s not just about Skills – it’s about effectiveness

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IBM Training is innovating ways Clients use IBM Solutions


One year ago this month IBM Launched a new technical training model in partnership with our IBM Global Training Providers. Over the past 12 months we have expanded the reach of IBM Training to more than 70 countries, covering nearly 250 cities across the globe.

But this is about more than just increased coverage and increased student numbers; it is about driving success for our clients. In the era of cloud, big data and analytics, the IT decisions you make matter. Our clients have chosen IBM Software and Systems to drive their business goals and give their company the edge over the competition. The right solution matters, but to take the full advantage of the technology we need the right skills to leverage the technology solution to the desired business results.

In the past year IBM Clients have partnered with our IBM Global Training Providers to drive success with their solutions.

It’s not just about Skills – it’s about effectiveness

By working with our IBM Global Training Providers, IBM clients are able to access a range of services to drive success based on the chosen IBM Solution. Remember this is not just about getting the right technical skills it is getting the right fit to the business needs. Our IBM Global Training Providers work side by side with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop a strategy that is right for the business needs.


A year ago IBM made the decision to partner with IBM Global Training Providers in order to provide more in depth training that is linked to success. Working together with our clients they relate the technology to the business strategy and can customize skills enablement to align the technology with business expectations, making sure the team is leveraging all of the feature functionality that is available and needed to drive success for the business, success for the clients of the business and success and engagement of the employee.

Three things to consider with your chosen solution.

1. Do you know the full range of skills needed to install / implement and leverage the solution to drive your business goals?

  • Assess the business goals and expectations and link this to the skills you need – remember this is not always just IBM Technology there may be other (complimentary technology) that is also needed
  • What are your current teams strengths and where are the skills gaps

2. Learning needs to be relevant – make the training relevant to your business and aligned with your expectations “why are we doing this”?

3. What type of learning suits your needs and timeline?

Take a moment to read the Value of Skills Paper from IBM Training to understand more on industry surveys and leading customer opinion on the real value of adding the right training and skills to your business solution from IBM. Go to to find an IBM Global Training Provider that can help you drive Employee Effectiveness and leverage your IBM Solution to drive satisfaction for your clients.

Made with IBM Training

Don’t just take our word for it – see what IBM Clients have to say about teaming with our IBM Global Training Providers ….

How Humana Is Using Business Process Innovation to Deliver a Superb Customer Experience

“Rhapsody Systems Engineer and Software Engineer” customized training program

A fortune 500 Health Benefits Company needed help to redesign training and performance surrounding its Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) training curriculum

Large Financial Services Company Addresses Private Cloud Initiative with Customized IBM Skills-Building Solution

Customized e-Learning solution for a client who needed to increase its geographically dispersed team

Training content Made with IBM

The content that the IBM Global Training Providers and their network of delivery partners are using is made by IBM. IBM is still in the business of creating the technical learning content related to IBM solutions.

In addition, IBM Global Training Providers are able to create derivative works – customizing the content to fit the needs of the customer. Since May we have received and processed a total of 71 new courses, covering both SWG and STG Brands, all modalities, including SPVCs and WBTs, and for all levels of audiences. These courses range from brand new material to covering additional ‘office’ hours for the student to contact an instructor for Q&A, how to’s, and mentoring.

Success Made with Skills

To find out how one of IBM’s Global Training Providers can help you go to and remember only IBM Global Training Providers displaying this mark are authorized by IBM and are the only partner network with access to the official IBM Content – created by IBM


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