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IT Training for IBM Security Guardium Data Protection Foundations

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TD Synnex/ExitCertified delivers instructor-led training across the extensive IBM portfolio, including system and software products. Today’s blog highlights the training available on IBM Guardium.

IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection V11.4  (Guardium) is a modern, scalable data security platform, ready to meet the demands of today’s data security environments. It supports a zero-trust approach to security, continuously verifying whether access to data should be granted based on contextual information. Guardium discovers and classifies sensitive data from across an enterprise, whether on cloud, on-premises,  hybrid cloud, or multicloud.  Guardium removes silos, accelerating response and facilitating compliance, providing real-time behavior analytics, classification, vulnerability assessment and data activity monitoring to help discover unusual activity around sensitive data.

Companies lose visibility and control of their data as it is moved to the cloud, but Guardium helps regain that visibility and control over sensitive and regulated data by creating data security and compliance policies and rules in a central location. Guardium protects sensitive and regulated data across environments and platforms. Use Guardium to uncover regulated data in data stores and use pre-built templates for regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and many more, to streamline and automate compliance workflows.

Guardium includes Vulnerability Assessment (VA), which is used to find database privilege, configuration and authentication vulnerabilities. VA scans data infrastructure, including databases, data warehouses, and big data environments, on-premises and in the cloud, to detect vulnerabilities and suggest remedial actions based on benchmarks from STIG, CIS, CVE, and others. Reports and recommendations are provided to address vulnerabilities and harden database environments.

Guardium supports user activity monitoring, audit process automation and reporting workflows to protect data. Suspicious activities are flagged and associated alerts can be generated. Alerts help notify appropriate data security personnel when anomalies are detected. For example, an alert could occur when the number of rows affected by an SQL statement exceeds a defined threshold. Guardium includes many real-time alerts and predefined correlation alerts to monitor your data environment. Alerts can also be customized to meet business requirements.

TD Synnex/ExitCertified offers training on Guardium for 8G102 IBM Security Guardium Data Protection Foundations.

This three-day course provides the foundational level processes, procedures, and practices necessary to configure Guardium to monitor and protect sensitive data. Hands-on exercises, using the new V11.4 user interface, reinforce skills learned.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Universal connectors
  • API streaming data sources
  • GuardAPI and REST functions
  • Groups and hierarchical groups
  • Guardium deployment health monitoring tools
  • Session-level policies
  • Domains
  • Entities
  • Customization of query-reports



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