IoT Exchange Europe – Reap the Benefits of IoT Data

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At this year’s IBM IoT Exchange, you’ll be able to learn how industry-tested solutions from IBM help solve today’s most critical IoT challenges.

Attendees to this year’s conferences will have the opportunity to learn from top industry leaders, innovators, and experts, as they provide the practical knowledge that you need to benefit from IoT data today while creating new revenue streams for your business tomorrow.

Events in London, Paris and Berlin

Throughout the month of June, three events are being hosted across three different European cities. Each event will feature academies, presentations and speakers that will provide valuable insight on the IoT landscape – all with the focus of educating you on how to integrate IoT processes into your business.

You can register to your event of choice by clicking the corresponding link below:

Do you have any questions about the conferences? Feel free to email us at

Gain Access to all Four Distinct Academies

This year, attendees at each IoT Exchange conference will have access to all four academies. With over 40 sessions to choose from, attendees can gain critical knowledge on asset performance management, systems and software engineering, facilities management and IoT platform integration – combined with artificial intelligence, security and blockchain.

Each academy is specifically designed to help your business drive innovation and increase value.

Academies include:

Maximo Academy

These sessions are designed to help you increase the operational efficiency of the assets that your organization manages and improve the effectiveness of your equipment by utilizing IoT data and the power of artificial intelligence.


In the world of real estate, these sessions will provide insight on how to reduce facility operational costs and how to create more engaging occupant experiences through the use of IoT data and artificial intelligence.

Engineering Academy

During these sessions, you can learn how the latest AI technologies and agile techniques are being applied to transform the end-to-end engineering lifecycle.

IoT Platform Academy

Discover how to connect, collect and curate data from physical assets to gain the insights you need to run your business more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

Are you curious about IoT and how utilizing its power will help drive your business into the future? Sign up for one of our IoT Exchange Europe events today and learn how you can start today!

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