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As we transition to 2024, it’s a great time to reflect and reinvest your energy into the things that are most important to you.

One of the paths to success is investing in yourself, and, more specifically, in continuing your education. Cloud-certified professionals are paving the way forward, and those with hybrid cloud skills are more important than ever, as organizations seek to harness the benefits of the latest technologies.

For example, hybrid cloud is proving critical for organizations seeking to take advantage of everything that generative AI has to offer. But having enough employees with the requisite cloud skills continues to slow down the process.

According to a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study, 68% of hybrid cloud users already have a formal, organization-wide policy or approach for the use of generative AI. Yet, cloud skills concerns loom large, with 58% of global decision makers reporting that cloud skills remain a considerable challenge.

With this challenge/opportunity in mind, the IBM Center for Cloud Training is looking forward to the new year when we will continue to:

  • Create fresh, new curricula to meet industry demand
  • Offer more community-based learning experiences to engage and assist learners
  • Introduce more career-boosting credentials to help you get ahead


Introducing Certification PLUS credentials: Earn the recognition your expertise deserves

Certifications prove to employers, peers, and managers that you have the skills and knowledge to support the rapidly expanding field of cloud computing and its related technologies.

That’s why the IBM Center for Cloud Training has introduced a great new incentive: Certification PLUS.

Certification PLUS credentials are industry-standard stacked certifications that you automatically earn when you complete a paired set of select IBM Cloud certifications.

Certification PLUS is currently available for eight combinations of credentials, pairing IBM Cloud Professional Architect, IBM Cloud Professional Developer, and Professional Site Reliability Engineer with specialties such as DevSecOps, Financial Services, SAP, Satellite, or VMware.

Examples of Credential PLUS pairs include:

Explore all the combinations and start earning yours today!

Learn more.


January 11 Cloud Professional Architect V6 Flash Jam — a can’t-miss opportunity!

If you’re interested in earning your IBM Cloud Professional Architect v6 certification, the January 11 TechXchange webinar is dedicated to you.

Plan to join us for the Professional Architect Flash Jam to help you prepare for the v6 certification exam.

Flash Jams are convenient one-hour sessions where we share useful tips and tricks for certification, including:

  • Explanations of the questions you’ll see on the certification exam
  • Flashcard questions that may appear on the exam
  • Q&As with experts who can help guide you through challenging parts of the curriculum

This is a great time to review the materials in advance of the exam. Join us!

Save the date: January 11. Registration opens soon!

Bookmark the TechXchange webinars main page today.   Later this month, sign up for January 11 Cloud Flash Jam webinar.


Study with the cloud community; become an IBM Cloud Technical Advocate

When you engage with the IBM Cloud community, you set yourself on a path to success — in good company. The community provides a helpful resource as you embark on your own cloud learning journey.

For instance, start with our successful “Study with Me” blog series we created for the ever-popular IBM Cloud Technical Advocate v4 certification.

Take advantage of:

  • The question of the day, tailored to follow the Technical Advocate learning path
  • Insights about various curriculum topics, with tips and tricks for studying
  • A new set of downloadable practice exam questions, including the most frequently missed questions on the exam

Join the IBM Cloud community and Study with Me to prepare to earn your Cloud Technical Advocate v4 certification.


What’s new for 2024

The IBM Center for Cloud Training is gearing up for another year of award-winning IBM Cloud certification programming.

On our to-do list:

  • More community-based learning experiences to accelerate your path to certification. Delivering more of our popular Study Jams and Flash Jams, including Professional Architect, Advanced Architect, VMware Specialty, and high-performance computing with AI.
  • Refreshed content to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills. Applying curriculum updates for Advanced Architect, DevSecOps Specialty, Financial Services Specialty, and more as we keep pace with business needs and the ever-changing cloud.

Plus, watch for an AI-related cloud certification among all the new certifications we’re planning to introduce.


Resolve to make a bold change in 2024!

Thank you for being part of the IBM Cloud Training community and for making the IBM Center for Cloud Training a part of your learning journey. We hope that 2024 inspires you to create new opportunities in all parts of your life.

See you next year!


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