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Introducing New Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Curriculum!

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LearnQuest is delighted to announce their extended partnership with Pragmatic Paths, LLC to provide a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain curriculum. The initial roadmap will focus on architects, operators, and developers and will provide essential knowledge to help pass CHFA exams.

Hyperledger Fabric for Architects and Operators will launch in Q1 2019. This course is a deep dive meant for the architects and operators who are responsible for the design and support of Hyperledger Fabric networks. Training content details the Hyperledger Fabric network architecture including how to make design and infrastructure decisions based on the network requirements. This course also provides the knowledge essential to pass the CHFA certification exam conducted by the Hyperledger organization.

This course provides an optimal balance of concepts and hands on labs. Students will use multiple fabric tools for seeing the Fabric concepts in action. Hands on labs will consist of multiple recipes that will teach students how to carry out typical design & operational tasks. Students will receive copies of each of the labs and scripts to enable the continuation of learning and exploration experience.

Hyperledger Fabric for Architects is recommended for students comfortable with basic UNIX commands, and a general understanding of Blockchain and distributed ledgers. This instructor led training is expected to be 4 days.

Hyperledger Fabric Bootcamp for Developers, which focuses on developing distributed ledger applications using Hyperledger Fabric will be released in Q2 2019. This course emphasizes the development of Chaincode using GoLang. Labs offered in this class are geared to accelerate student’s understanding of Fabric concepts and at the same time gain experience with Fabric Network Application development. Students will also be introduced to the Node SDK for development of the client applications. After taking this course students will be able design and develop Smart Contracts based applications on Hyperledger Fabric Networks.

All courses can be found here

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