Interesting items on the web (April 2017)

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The Training & Skills team are voracious readers and we come across so much content on the web that would be of interest. We’re committed to making the most of your time – so we’ve chosen only the “best of the best” of the things we’ve seen this month, and present it here for your consideration.

What kind of learning culture does your company have?

Many companies have started to pay much more attention to how important learning is to their business, and how it can be a huge competitive advantage to attract and retain great talent. With that in mind, companies are wondering how they can create a learning culture…

You can read the whole article, published on the Chief Learning Officer website via the following link:


Aligning Higher Education Credentials

The market relevance and future competitiveness of one of higher education’s core products—academic credentials—has become a central topic over the last few years. The centrality of higher education credentials in job attainment is at the forefront of the national higher education policy discussion, and features prominently in the mission statements and motivating goals of leading multi-billion-dollar higher education foundations.

You can read the whole article, published on the NACE website via the following link:


How IBM plans to be the “undisputed leader” of the next cloud phase

ZDNet today ran a comprehensive story highlighting how developers are playing a core role in driving cloud leadership for IBM.

You can read the whole article, published on the  ZDNet website via the following link:


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31 January 2019

New IBM Cloud Certification – IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V2

  IBM Cloud is pleased to announce a new certification – IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V2. This certification is designed to consistently measure and validate the underlying concepts of DevOps as well as the ability to implement DevOps processes and solutions for clients. To attain the IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V2 […]

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23 January 2019

Join us at THINK 2019

Think is the world’s most celebrated gathering of visionaries, technologists and innovators. Where the curious convene and foremost business leaders connect to inspire and learn. Join us to create in the Cloud, innovate with IoT, break down barriers with Blockchain and solve the unsolvable with Quantum. Learn how to get more value from AI and […]

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23 January 2019

Start the year with a gift to YOU

Every new year, we all start with some sort of resolutions / promises/ agreements – call them what you may, the premise is the same; it’s to do everything possible to transform ourselves into the best version of us. And how do we do that? We do that by learning… Get a better job by […]

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