Interesting items on the web (September 2019)

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The Training & Skills team are voracious readers and we come across so much content on the web that would be of interest. We’re committed to making the most of your time – so we’ve chosen only the “best of the best” of the things we’ve seen this month, and present it here for your consideration.

Six Brain Hacks To Learn Anything Faster

Being a quick learner can give you an even greater edge. Science proves there are six ways you can learn and retain something faster.

You can read the whole article, published on the website of FastCompany via the following link:


Goodbye soft skills, hello core skills: Why IT must rebrand this critical competency

Labeling skills as soft undervalues them. To prioritize skills such as communication, IT leaders must call them what they are in the digital era: Core.

You can read the whole article, published on the website of The Enterprisers Project via the following link:



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24 September 2019

How AI might affect your job?

IBM Training & Skills conducted the fourth in our series of experimental Twitter chats on September 12th about “How AI might affect your job”. Our first, in April, focused on “Which skills are essential in the modern workplace”, our second, in May, was about achieving eminence in your workplace, and our third, in July, focused […]

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23 September 2019

Discover how IBM Support is redefining your client experience!

IBM Support and IBM Training work hand in hand to help you get the most out of your products and services. Today, we want to introduce you to the IBM Support Insider, a modern and mobile-friendly blog where you get to learn how IBM is transforming your support experience with new programs, tools, and AI. […]

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3 September 2019

3 ways to learn about Seismic (for Business Partners)

The IBM sales enablement team is personally inviting you three opportunities to get to know Seismic at IBM.  Seismic at IBM is the new sales enablement platform reinventing and simplifying how we approach sales enablement. Seismic at IBM provides a single interface for the same personalized, intuitive, and proactive sales content for IBM sellers and […]

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