Interesting items on the web (February 2020)

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The Training & Skills team are voracious readers and we come across so much content on the web that would be of interest. We’re committed to making the most of your time – so we’ve chosen only the “best of the best” of the things we’ve seen this month, and present it here for your consideration.

Aristotle (384-322 BC) – Man of science & logic

Despite his position as one of the World’s greatest philosophers, Aristotle showed great concern for practical and technical education, in addition to contemplation. He would be genuinely puzzled by our system’s emphasis on theory rather than practice. Learning by doing was a fundamental issue in his theory of learning

You can read the whole article, published as part of a 100 day series on learning theorists from Donald Clark on his blog Donald Clark Plan B via the following link:


What does an Artificial Intelligence Specialist actually do?

LinkedIn revealed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist was the top emerging job for 2020; this may not be of much surprise but it does beg the question of what AI specialists actually do, and what the job entails.

You can read the whole article, published on the website of Dynamic Business via the following link:




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