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Innovating learning today for your success tomorrow

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Our business landscape today moves at the speed of technology. We live in exponential times and the pace of change is accelerating every single day. To keep up with this change requires constant adaptation which in turn requires radical transformation. It requires us to be innovative with not only our products and the business model wrapped around it, but also requires us to be innovative about our people. Success through innovation means continuous disruption…it requires Uberfication of everything including how you think about your people.

Last year, Jacob Morgan wrote a very interesting article on the 7 principles of the future employee on Forbes which clearly outlines how the future employee will work. This clearly calls out the need to build a workplace that nurtures and fosters the collaboration, flexibility and engagement for the development of a creative ecosystem.


According to Harold Jarache “Learning is a critical part of working in this creative economy we are in. Being able to continuously learn, and share that new knowledge, will be as important as showing up on time was in the industrial economy.” So, as we look to review the skills of our future employee we need to re-think how we structure learning. It’s no longer about just the content, it’s also about the user experience around what the learning means to you. It’s about providing the right learning to the right person at the right time. It’s about relevance, accuracy and personalization.

A fact that CEO Ginny Rometty recognized loud and clear as IBM embarked on one of its most significant transformations in recent years. To get its huge work force moving at a constant pace behind the changing strategy,Think Academy, an ambitious online education program tapping modern social media communications tools was launched – the objective, to get 450,000 employees engaged and educated about the company’s growth initiatives. IBM then also extended this education to their channel partners and developed an award winning program for their business partners called Know Your IBM. A program that not only provides incentives to business partners for skilling up and but provides a direct linkage to their revenue earning potential – thus making learning a means to a very real end.

Our Global Training Providers have also launched many innovative programs to address this disruption in learning.

Flexible Integrated Training from Ingram Micro is a flexible, collaborative, modular and engaging global initiative training initiative consisting of

1. FIT On-Demand – A library of video technology content delivered by certified instructors in a contained portal. With the thousands upon thousands of ‘how-to’ videos available, Ingram Micro’s FIT On-Demand offers professionally produced content without all of the digital clutter.

2. FIT L.I.V.E. – Or Learning Immersion in a Virtual Environment takes you to another world, a virtual world, where your avatar can interact with others, access digital content, have mentoring sessions with an instructor, learn through gaming labs and receive rewards based on acquired skills.

3. FIT University – Similar to a university semester, this modality offers concentrated skills learning in as little as 2 hours a day.

Learning Library from LearnQuest offersflexible learning options and keeps pace with your training and lifestyle needs. Browse their growing collection of diverse content crossing various modalities, including live videos, web-based training, downloadable Redbook PDFs, and more. Current titles cover AIX, Big Data and Hadoop, Business Process Manager and other key technologies, with periodic updates to thoughtful content that keeps your skills current and helps grow your expertise.

Avnet Academy took the challenge of growing IBM BlueMix skills in the marketplace head on by launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The course provides module based learning covering Bluemix, an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running apps of all types, such as web, mobile, big data, and smart devices. This learning was then followed up with an option to participate in a Hackathon to showcase and implement the newly acquired skills.

Global Knowledge has an online learning services platform called MyGK which is your digital locker for course materials, resources and tools. As your personal concierge, MyGK has everything you need to succeed in one convenient location. It provides enrolled students with easy-to-find course information and interactive features personalized to maximize training and performance.

Arrow ECS launched Arrow365 which has been designed to infuse the hottest skills into the market and help increase your expertise on IBM technology – no matter where or when you want to access them. Acknowledging that training does not end after class, Arrow365 is a true mobile environment. Students can access the information and class refresh anytime via computer, tablet or smart phone.

According to Harvard Business Review, the triumph of the online educational revolution will depend not on course content, quality or participation but on the ability to measure and assess real learning and skills acquisition in virtual environments. So, IBM took a huge leap and launched the Open badge program that provides the skills recognition piece that goes hand in hand with any learning program.

2015 was a year flushed with successful innovations – it has set the stage for us to continue to help you learn socially, experientially, and informally. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your skills partner and continue to watch this space as we transform your learning journey for the future.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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